Saturday, February 04, 2006


Last night my Studly Hubby took me to City Pages' Best Pizza 2004 of the Twin Cities, located at the restaraunt Punch in Highland Park (St. Paul). It was indeed a very good restaraunt, but I'm blogging about it not because it was yummy but because I experienced a few new things at this place:

1) they serve so-called "neopolitan-style" pizza which is a "wet" pizza that really is soaking wet. You get it all over yourself when you eat it but it's yummy-delicious and well worth it. I think what makes it wet is extra olive oil and tomato sauce.

2) the place was the most packed restaraunt I've ever been to. We got there at 5:35 on Friday and got a table. By 5:45 (we hadn't even ordered yet) there was a line out the door. By 6:00 they had lit a fire outside and people were standing around in 15 degree weather waiting outside for tables.

3) the place has a brick oven for cooking the pizza that also contributed to the yummy flavor but we left the place reeking of campfire smoke. I've never had that happen to me at a restaraunt before.

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Derek said...

Vesuvio + Pinot = crazy delicious!