Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pick a Line

My Studly Hubby's next assignment is to find a ten second audio clip to animate his little dude to. He can pick it from anything (or even make one himself). So all week we've been quoting famous lines from our favorite movies, like:

"Way to go Hamilton!"
"I'm a Dapper Dan man!"
"I know Kung Fu"

(can you guess all the movies?)

BUT those lines aren't so great because they are TOO famous, he really needs something a little less famous but still pretty good. So we get to watch some movies the next two weeks, which is one of my favorite things to do in general but especially when there's a mission to it. The mission changes my whole perspective and makes each movie seem like new to me (kind of like a rerun you've never seen before), plus I can brag to everyone about how busy I am helping my Studly Hubby with his homework.


tom said...

#4 is OH BROTHER...nice playing boggle with you! I had to run Noey off to bed, it was 10. -Dad

tom said...

one point twenty jigawatts is BACK TO THE FUTURE, isn't it? Good playing boggle with you...you won again! I wasn't really "team"...it was just me! Off to GA in the morning, see you ! Love, Dad

mwz said...

I was sure these would have all been done by now.

#3 is Princess Bride, BTW.

Peggy said...

Back to the Future
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Princess Bride
Oh Brother Where Art Thou
and the other one

What is the last one?

BTW, I'm an old pal of your dad's and I knew you when you were about the age that Eli is now.


J-Funk said...

holy cow, you are good - I didn't think anybody would get fast times at ridgemont high

the last one is The Matrix (and my Studly Hubby's favorite Keanu Reaves line)

welcome to my blog!

Peggy said...

I am a minor film buff. Did you know that Nicholas Cage was an extra in that movie?