Sunday, February 05, 2006

Code Black?

My Studly Hubby and I settled in for a night of supertastic Superbowl watching (with chicken wangs and guacomole dip and everything) and were very intrigued by the constant Grey's Anatomy advertisements with the mysterious "Code Black." We came up with a list of things that might warrant a "Code Black" in the world of J & D:

1) If Chipotle ran out of carnitas
2) If Arby's ran out of curly fries
3) If Dairy Queen ran out of oreo blizzards (particularly in the summer)
4) If my Studly Hubby lost his pants at work

Thankfully, a J & D "Code Black" has never happened so we have yet to find out what the outcome is.

It was pretty fun watching the superbowl. My Studly Hubby of course somehow knows all the rules of football (part of the penis manual I think) and we had a party-for-two at our apartment while I recovered from some early-morning hot yoga and spin classes the last two days. I was excited about the halftime show - the Rolling Stones is the best concert I've ever been to I think, but I was disappointed in the lack of a wardrobe malfunction during their stellar performance (Mick's belt was pretty wicked awesome though).

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katie said...

I was at a Taco bell once that ran out of tacos...I think that's a code black.