Friday, February 24, 2006

A Better and Better Day

I had one of those days today that just get better and better. First, in the spin class I taught this morning, a new person said, "I heard you were good so I thought I'd try your class out!" and I was flattered. Then after the stretch class I taught, somebody else said, "boy, you're getting really good at yoga!" and I was also flattered (I owe this to hot yoga, which I don't even do more than twice a month, it's that helpful). And, I drove my car to the YWCA because the windshield wipers are now fixed, and I love my car because it kicks butt so that was great too.

Then, my experiment finally worked. I've been workng on this dang-blasted experiment for a year now (on and off, don't think that's all I've been doing). It was one of the last things I needed for my dang-blasted thesis, and I have had all sorts of problems. Basically, what I was trying to measure was too small of a change to measure by the methods I was using, so I was trying all these different methods and I finally found something that works yesterday, and repeated it today and got consistent and nice looking results. Whoo! I was so excited I showed my data to everyone, including my friend's advisor who has no idea what I do or even who I am.

THEN, my husband found out at work that he may be able to get a transfer out to Seattle. Now this is really big news. He still hasn't told them he's leaving; this is tentative information based on something his boss said today in passing, but it's looking good and that's great. My husband likes his job and likes making money so naturally he's excited.

Then, to sweeten the whole day, a woman in my department told me today that she loves my boots. Things like that are always nice but on a day like today it was icing on the cake.

And, I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I now have three friends that are having babies. Congrats to all of you and your amazing baby-making powers! I hope the stork brings a good one to each of you.

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tom said...

i like your boots too! congratulations, hope d. can get out to seattle...