Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Famous Aunt Margot

My famous Aunt Margot bopped through town Thursday night on her way to Albuquerque to do some klezmer music at the annual Klezmerquerque festival there. It was super great to see her and hear about life in NYC, which is all glitz and glam by our midwest-city perspective. I guess they have NUDE hot yoga there, which blew me away. We got ourselves all updated on each other's lives and then took her back to the airport to catch her next flight.

FYI, if any of all y'all ever fly through the Minneapolis airport and have a long layover, you can take the lightrail to the Mall of America, which is only ten minutes and $1.75 away. Or, if you know my phone number, you can call me up and I'll take you there for free.

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