Sunday, February 19, 2006

one of three lines

My studly hubby found three lines of dialogue for his animation assignment, although it was surprisingly hard to do so. He needs a good line to animate a character to, and a lot of good lines are muddled by naughty language, crappy music or other distracting sounds or are not very good when they stand alone. Plus he was looking for something around 10 seconds and to get all that in ten seconds is even harder. We probably only found one good line for every two movies we watched, although there may have been some other good ones that were missed. So, we watched a lot of movies this week, some faster than others (did you know you can speed a movie up to 1.5x speed and it is still pretty watchable? I should start doing that, then I could watch more movies).

What with all the movie watching, I barely had any time for anything else this weekend, although I did excavate my bedroom closet. I found things in there I didn't even know I had. And I kicked up so much dust I had to take an allergy pill (although that's not too much dust, I am extremely dust-sensitive, which is why I avoid cleaning at all costs). When it was all over I had gotten rid of two more bags of clothes, and then I went crazy and cleaned off my desk. I had a high school flashback cleaning that thing off, I'm going to have to get rid of the desk so I don't have any more of those nasty flashbacks. But now it's all empty and calling to me to put my computer on it, and maybe a few papers, and really get rolling on my thesis. Or maybe I'll write a short murder-mystery novella that takes place at my work instead. Wouldn't that be good?

happy birthday to my little bro Noey! May your extra year of wisdom lend you more boggle skillz so that we can team up and whoop everyone.

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Derek said...

My mentor went with the line from Elf. Freak yeah!