Monday, February 13, 2006

Cowboy Options

Now that I've broken in my new cowboy boots (at right), and properly horrified or positively thrilled those boot reactionaries around me, I went on a little research hunt on how to wear them. Here are the three options I came up with:

1. With boot-cut jeans or pants pulled over them.

This is the least conspicuous and the easiest - since most of my pants are boot-cut, and most everything goes with green (especially a green sweater). This has been my cowboy-boot wearing option of choice so far.

2. With a skirt - boho style

This is a little trickier, since it's winter in Minnesota and I work in a research lab where things often catch on fire and/or get caught in chemical warfare. I am interested in trying it out, but from what I hear I have to act quick because boho has been around at least a year and the cowboy boot-with-skirt scene is going to drive everyone crazy pretty quickly - so both may already be circling back out of the trend circuit.

3. With "skinny jeans" tucked in.

According to a recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "skinny jeans" (those that are tight at the ankle) are BACK! I'm totally traumatized by this; however I remember distinctly being traumatized by the tube top coming back and then shopping aggressively for one not three months later, so who knows what might happen with this one?


Derek said...

Down with skinny jeans!

Peggy said...

To lower the cost per wear, try all three styles. Those boots look great! Don't get locked into wearing them only with boot cut trousers even though it is the best way of all . . .

Katie said...

Well I was going to vote for one of those flow-y skirts I've seen Sienna Miller wear with cowboy boots...and I see that with my vote you now have 1 vote for each look. (although I guess now that I look again, Peggy voted for all three)

J-Funk said...

I think Derek was voting AGAINST skinny jeans, so I'll take that as a vote for the other two. Including Peggy's votes for all three, I think I now have two votes for boot-cut, three for the skirt and one for skinny jeans.

I forgot to add in a fourth option: cropped pants over the cowboy boots.

FYI: I don't own any skinny jeans or a boho skirt so those two options are currently limited. I have crop pants but I'm not sure how good that looks with low cowboy boots...

I think by the time I pull it all together to wear one of these styles they'll be going out of style. That's the trouble with fashion!