Sunday, February 05, 2006

proposals and poodles

My Studly Hubby is working on his latest and greatest animation; a guy proposes and mid-proposal discovers the ring is missing out of the ring box. It's a pretty good one, but indeed warrents some uninvited psycho-analysis. First, I wonder, is this every dude's greatest fear? Or at least was it my Studly Hubby's greatest fear? The little dude he's animating looks uncannily like my Studly Hubby and I have to laugh thinking of him worrying, of all things, about whether the ring is in the box (he does admit that at our wedding this was a major concern). Or does my Studly Hubby's animation instead reflect a deeper worry that something obvious is missing from his life? Like perhaps he has always wanted a cute little poodle that he can cuddle and kiss but his greater manly self has been denying him recognition of this desire. "No!" my Studly Hubby says to me over and over, "we will not a get a dog! But if we do, we're going to name it Funk-Train."

Yes, I believe that this animation my Studly Hubby is working on represents his life-long desire to get a fluffy cute little poodle (a miniature, not a toy - toy poodles are just nasty) to bring home and love. As he becomes more in touch with his subconscious desires he will come to terms with this and I will be fighting to talk reason with him about toy poodles vs miniature poodles and one poodles vs five or seven. The day is coming soon, I can sense it....

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uncle bruce said...

It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that ring.