Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Contemporary Swan Lake

On Thursday night my Studly Hubby took me to see Swan Lake for an early Valentine's Day date. Beforehand, we went to the high-class Craftsman restaraunt in our neighborhood, which was a bit of a disappointment although not totally awful. It was one of those places that's priced high for no good reason - the food was average, the service kind of sucked (I ordered a glass of wine, and only got about 1/4 of a glass of wine - that's not good service, right?), but yet Minnesotans love it because they seem to unexplainably love bland, boring food at overpriced restaraunts with bad service. Anyhow, we threw all our food at our waiter, broke out all the windows and left laughing anyway and went over to the georgeous State Theater for some Swan Lake action.

It turns out the Swan Lake was a contemporary version where the swans are dudes and two dudes hooked up at the end. That was a little unexpected, so I was kind of confused, but what really got to me were the enormous plot holes - the main dude was happy to meet the swan dudes in a huge scene just before the intermission, but then he was still all upset after intermission and pulled a gun on his mom's crazy motorcycle gangsta boyfriend. Then everybody died for some reason. It was all a little chaotic and nonlinear. My Studly Hubby of course totally loved it.

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Peggy said...

Is this the same contemporary Swan Lake that was featured in the final, heart in throat scene in the movie Billy Elliot? Got a lump in my throat in that last scene.