Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ultra Speedy KT

My friend Speedy KT (now known as the Crazed Lunatic) ran an ultra marathon last weekend. This is a double marathon (52 miles) and takes about 12 hours for a well-trained athlete and several years if you're me. This particular one was at Lake Nokomis (which explains why she wasn't there when I accidentally drove to Lake Harriett to cheer her on - stupid 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, I can never figure out which one is where all the action is at). My friend whipped everyone and got SECOND PLACE of the women, then went out afterwards and robbed a Kentucky Fried Chicken and ate everything in their stockroom.

Go KT Go!!

1 comment:

SpeedyKT said...

Thanks for the nod Dr. P!!!

I miss you! Don't get lost in Seattle!!!