Thursday, June 15, 2006

Moving on the Horizon

Only two days back from Seattle and already I'm forgetting what our new apartment looks like... does it have any closets? how big was the kitchen? did the front windows have blinds? what did the carpet look like? I wish I knew these things so I could picture our stuff in there and try to imagine how to arrange it. I guess this is what women like to do... it's a form of nesting. So I suppose in a way now I'm looking forward to moving so we can see the apartment again and I can properly nest. But at the same time I'm dreading leaving here more and more as the summer spreads out before us and the weather has been beautiful...

I'm off tomorrow to Iowa to help my mom move out of her big farm house. Now this is one big move. She has lived there 20 years and thus has 20 years of accumulated crap to haul out, sort, and take various places. Fortunately she has been working on dealing with it all for about a year (and more seriously in the past month) so it is already majorly improved. This weekend is the Big Doozy however as she has hired a moving van and a couple of muscley dudes to help her get it what's left to her new house. I need to go home of course to supervise (you never know what might happen when my mom invites some muscley dudes over) and also to oversee the transfer of my horse into new hands - we think we have picked an appropriate owner but I want to meet them and see their place just to be sure.

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