Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Sweaty return to Hot Yoga

I returned tonight to hot yoga, which I had to get tough on myself about (haven't been in almost a month due to my busy schedule). Once I got there everything went ok, it's amazing how I don't totally lose my flexibility even after that long... although I was a little stiff in certain muscles (quads esp) perhaps due to moving last weekend. The thing that blew me away though was how different it felt now that it's summer. In the winter the heat and humidity feel GREAT but now it feels FREAKING HOT in there, and dry (50% humidity feels dry in the middle of a midwest spring/summer)! I swear I was sweating even more than usual. I also have no really solid basis for comparison, but I'm starting to believe I sweat more than other folks in that class. I completely soak my towel, and my hair, I drip sweat off of me during most of the class, and I've been known to get sweat up my nose and in my eyes (see previous posts on this subject). There are a few others who look as sweaty or even sweatier than me, but many don't, like these two short (and thin, and beautiful, and very flexible) women on either side of me today that were hardly sweating it seemed. Maybe my high sweat volume production is what makes it hard for me to recover from those classes (I can't manage to go more than once a week or I simply can't keep up on the water intake).

Boy, the class felt good though! Except the part at the end when I thought I was going to throw up.

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