Saturday, June 24, 2006

More about my husband's balls

I was checking out my stats on my super-cool Site Meter, which tells me what searches people do to find my blog, and I found that someone had done a search for "My Husband's Ball's" and found MY BLOG. Perturbed by this, I went to the link and discovered that not very long ago I had actually titled a post with "My Husband's Balls" so I guess it makes sense that a search for such would get you to me. But who would search for such a thing? Not me.

Other strange searches I have seen are:

Bikini Mom (??)
Picture Packing Pistachio
Doctor Funk

And the searches I see over and over are:

Bikram Yoga (or just Yoga)
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Catfish Noodling

There have been loads more good ones but my Site Meter only keeps track of the last 100 and of course I can't remember any of the others.

FYI - the post about my husband's balls was about two balls he was animating, in case you are the dirty-minded sort and were thinking of something else.

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