Monday, June 19, 2006

Another trip

Back from another wild trip, this time to Iowa to move my mom out of her house. Tip: don't ever let a parent stay in the same place longer than 5 yrs, especially if they have lots of storage space. Along these lines, be wary of outdoor sheds, attics, basements, extra bedrooms, and especially farms with all of these. It took two huge U-Hauls to move my mom out, thank goodness she had hired help for one of those trips. In addition to moving chaos we had horse selling chaos, dog chaos, family chaos, and general chaos. And we lost everything we would need in the new house including towels, food, shampoo, soap, silverware, and sheets. My mom did manage to find a bottle of wine and a wine glass however.

My Study Hubby had to stay behind in Minneapolis to deal with post-Seattle catch-up on homework, made worse by a mid-week hard drive crash and ginormous job application "test" to do over the weekend - he had to animate a little '70s dude doing some sweet kicks and jumps. He's still at it now although he came home over lunch today to go to the grocery store and take out the garbage (divorce prevention strategy).

Special thanks goes out to those who helped with the big move this weekend, my step-dad K, grandma S, our friend E and her son M, and esp aunt L, uncle J and my bro A.

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Peggy said...

Man! You've certainly been moving about a bit. I hope that you can just stay put for a little while, do your laundry, see your friends, etc. . . before you pack up all you own and move across the country.