Sunday, July 22, 2007

Super Awesome PhD Advisor, Revisited

Do you all remember my victorious Google Bomb for my PhD advisor? Well I was innocently bragging about it last night at a work party and my new boss was particularly curious that I had a blog. You can find this blog pretty easily these days using crafty search terms on Google (unfortunately). So The Boss may be visiting here shortly - everybody straighten up! brush your teeth! wear a clean shirt! and smile!!

It was a fun party last night, The Boss has a cute little brindle chihuahua that he carries around on his shoulder. I asked The Boss if the chihuahua resembled him in personality and he told me, after thinking a moment, "yes! he's very smart!" If we get a dog we better find a smart one. I'd hate to get a spacey one that runs into parked cars and forgets where his food dish is and such. That wouldn't reflect well on me at all, no sirreee.


Peggy said...

I promise not to humiliate you in front of your new boss. Does he bring his dog to work?

Uncle KT said...

That was pretty great...If I remember correctly, I started my blog to help out with the google bomb!

tom said...

Yo Boss! I'm the doc's dad, and I'm hanging around. You can learn a lot about a person by the kind of company s/he keeps, huh?