Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Rock Too!

I won an award! The highly esteemed Rockin' Girl Blogger award given to me by Susan over at Slice of Life (she lives in Seattle too!!). She said some very sweet things about me, especially considering she gave out something like 25 of them and said something sweet about everyone (this is impressive, since I can hardly even find time to post this one paragraph about myself).

More posts are coming: my flowers (which took a hit over the weekend), our big trip to Montana, the upcoming Hairy Pooper exponanza, and much more! So hang on to your shorts (or just come back to visit again soon).


Carol said...

Congrats from a fellow Seattle-ite... and apparently a neighbor of Susan's, though I have yet to meet her!


Uncle KT said...

Congrats J-Funk! I have always thought that you rock and try to follow in your rockin' footsteps as much as possible.