Monday, July 02, 2007

Anyone can read this!

Online Dating

Thanks to Peggy in Scotland, who got this link from Jay in Arkansas (Peggy's blog is safe but watch out for Jay's - it's rated NC-17!).

I try to keep the blog clean for all you kiddies out there. Like Peggy, I have more of a potty-mouth off-screen than you might know. Just the other day when I was in Iowa I SWORE in front of my friend's kids (sorry about that guys!). Then when we went camping I did it again!! You would think I would learn but NO.

But at least the blog is clean.


mwz said...

Mine was rated "R". Apparently, it didn't like the words "breast" as in "swimming the breast stroke" and "hurt" as in "at the end of the race, my legs hurt".

You should try . Out of context, it reads like a horror movie.

J-Funk said...

mwz - awesome. I think one could make a whole new market in out-of-context entertainment.

ha ha, your blog is rated R. na na