Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

My Studly Hubby and I are both quite caught up in it: Harry Potter Mania. We bought the new book, we're re-reading the old books, we're talking about it constantly, people may even think we're obsessed.

The nice thing is, most everybody is obsessed.

My Studly Hubby got the book first and has read about half so far. He's very good about not spoiling it for me. Meanwhile I'm almost finished re-reading #6 (a LOT happens in #6, don't you think?).

Those of you who have not read up to #6, stop reading this post now.

I want to make some Official Predictions before it's all over:

(Note: I made an unofficial prediction way back at the beginning that Harry would hook up with Ginny and Ron would hook up with Hermione and I was right! So pay attention now...)

1. Snape will end up being good
2. (Dumbledore was sick anyway)
3. Harry may or may not die

Ok that's all I've got. My other ideas are still a little hazy.


Peggy said...

Your predictions were pretty good - or as they say over here, "spot on"!

uncle bruce said...

Nancy got her Braille version before we got our print version -- hers was delivered by UPS on Sat. morning. The whole house ground to a halt when the other three of us started fighting over the print version. But relief may be in sight; Alison has already finished it.