Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Harry Potter Madness

I had a dream last night I was trying to stupify two Death Eaters by pointing my finger at them and yelling "Stupify!" as they ran evasively around the room. One of them finally stopped running around long enough to tell me I would probably have better luck if I got the pH of the curse just right. I nodded knowingly and then went at it again. After I woke up I realized what I really needed was a wand. Silly me!!


susan said...

You didn't need the wand to get those M&M's so why should you need it to do your Stupify curse???

Peggy said...

A good patronus is what you need for dementors. Everybody knows that. I wonder what shape your patronus would be. I didn't think that spells had ph. Learn something new every day.

MJ said...

When I was re-reading the last couple of books I caught myself thinking in spells, too! I ran downstairs in the middle of the night one night to turn down the thermostat only to be whispering to myself "lumos" in order to light things up a bit! ;)