Friday, July 13, 2007

Life Rolls On

We actually watched TV last night. It's been so long since I've sat on our couch I had forgotten how comfy it is. It was lovely. Then the Studly Hubby attempted an ice-cream sandwich shake concoction where he took all ten of our leftover ice cream sandwiches from July 4 and blended them into two cups of what was anticipated to be concentrated heaven, but we could only get down about a fourth of it because it was a little rich.

We've been working on figuring out how to spend my Studly Hubby's job earnings. We went on a shopping spree about a month ago for much-needed shoes and clothes, and now we're working through our list of bigger things we've been thinking about buying for the past four years, like a grill, a PlayStation 3, and a new duvet cover. The PlayStation 3 just went down in price and the Studly Hubby ordered one less than 48 hours later. The grill may be able to be partially financed by a credit card gift card, and I think I'll insist on some lawn furniture (the cheap stuff) to go with that. The duvet cover has proved elusive. According to my Studly Hubby, I like "girly" prints and he likes "bachelor" prints, so we have a hard time finding something that appeals to both of us. Plus they are unseemly expensive, which causes our standards to go up. IKEA has super cheap and pretty duvet covers but we keep getting stuck on whether their one-size-fits-all will fit our queen size duvet. Hrm.

Plant Report: All the flowers I planted last Sunday are still alive. Only one has dropped some pedals, the others are still blooming or even putting out new blooms. They all look pretty happy. I intend to try veggies next week - I guess the growing season here is long enough that I still have time.

Travel Report: We are off to Missoula Montana this weekend for a visit to a high school friend and a tourist stop in Glacier National Park. It's been HOT there so hopefully we'll survive. On the way back we're visiting some relatives in Eastern Washington. This is all new territory for us and we're excited.

Harry Potter Report: We're taking book 6 with us to re-read in the car in anticipation of the upcoming release of book 7 (I read the books so fast that I like to go back later and re-read them so I can remember some of the details). We've been thinking about attending a release party, but I'm not sure... are we too old for that?


susan said...

After you've been married long enough you can get away with just putting a hot pink cover on the bed. I did it for the reaction and got none..darn it!

Go to the party!

Eric said...

I'm voting 401K till you have a deposit on a house... Now I sound like your dad, or my dad, or a dad figure.

HP..... If your nervous, bring someone's kid, that's the best cover.

MJ said...

Party it up with the jr. high crowd- it'll be a good time!

Katy said...

You are not too young for a HP release party. Definitely go!!! I'm going to Harry Pooper TONIGHT!!!!