Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The New 7-Eleven: Kwik-E-Mart

The new Simpsons movie is coming out this weekend and 7-Eleven took part in a mega-marketing campaign involving the conversion of all of their stores to Kwik-E-Marts. We walked past one on Sunday (I guess there are only 11 in the country, and we got one here in Seattle!).

It was packed. I think the marketing campaign will be good for both sides. I was surprised at how far they took it. There were Slurpee machines (which were so popular there was a line), cases of Buzz soda (being bought by collectors and soda drinkers alike), pink glazed donuts, Krusty-O's, and Simpsons slogans and paraphernielia everywhere. Many of the packaged items had been outfitted with Simpsons themes (a homer face and the text: 'Mmmmm.... sandwich!!'). There were also lots of Simpsons collectibles for sale. The outside of the building had even been repainted to look like the cartoon Kwik-E-Mart, and there were two East Indian guys running the cash register (but no 'thank you, come again!').

I bought a bottle of water.

I kind of want to go back.

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Uncle KT said...

I saw that they were doing that on the news last week...but I don't think that there are any 7/11's in MN...I was so sad!

If you don't feel weird doing it you should take some pictures and put them on your blog. I'd love to see what one looks like!