Saturday, March 01, 2008

Zephyr the Magic Cattle Dog

We had Ms. Zephyr the Cattle Dog for an entire week and she finally did warm up to us. She even helped me garden a little bit before we gave her back on Sunday. Now she loves us like her god-parents and comes out to greet us whenever we are around. She even runs to the front door and barks when she hears us coming home.

Ms. Zephyr is a very, very good and polite dog who let us sleep until 7 am and never ever misbehaved. She's definitely a country dog (her owners used to live in the country) - you could see the need to run free just behind her polite gaze every time we went outside.

Dogsitting is turning into a second job for us! We made some more sweet c-c-c-cash on this deal and spent it immediately on cigarrettes and booze.


Tony & Lisa said...

Cigarettes and booze?? Do I detect a bit of "tongue in cheek?" Or have you "gone to the the dogs???"

Your posts are always fun to read!


Peggy said...

It does look like a very smart dog! I'm am only surprised that Zephyr didn't take to you immediately.

Margot said...

what a cute dog!!