Monday, March 03, 2008

Mr. Macman

My Studly Hubby finally got his new computer... and he indeed bought a Mac. It frightens me. The apple logo is so white and pretentious. At first I thought I might like it but as soon as he pulled it out of the box I remembered... oh yeah, I HATE Macs!!

Now we're back to being a two-computer family and it's already paying off - I'm posting on my blog again! My Studly Hubby went almost three months without a computer, can you believe it? Not even in the wee early years of college when we were wearing dirty socks and eating paper did he go without his own computer for more than a weekend. I credit this amazing new turn to his budding social life in Seattle and the Wife That Makes Him Go Outside (me), without which he definitely would have cracked.

FYI in case you're thinking 'wow, they've bought a lot of stuff recently' my answer is yes, you're right! In fact, our credit card exploded last weekend from the strain of it. We had to take it to the hospital. The doctors say it should be ok, but we may have to go back to dirty socks and paper for a few months.


Uncle KT said...

I'm excited for all of your new purchases! You'll have to tell me about how heavenly they all are at ASM!

Kerry said...

Married to a Macman.

I have to admit, I didn't see this coming..