Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nice wood furniture comes to those who wait

We are slowly upgrading our furniture - real wood, nice couch, etc. It's quite the process, mainly because we're still cheap. It turns out nice furniture is usually expensive.

But not always!

When we first moved here I needed a dresser. As we unloaded our moving van and introduced ourselves to the neighbors I announced to everyone that we were looking for a dresser in case anyone had an extra. It turns out, someone did... only they didn't tell us about it until yesterday (a year and a half later).
Isn't it pretty?

Before the neighbors gave it to us it was sitting outside on their porch for a while, so it looks a little weathered. We may refinish it - now that we know how. And speaking of refinishing furniture, the tv stand we were working on is finally done and operational.
That turned out really pretty too.

Now we have to rearrange our apt again to fit all the new stuff - and it is feeling smaller than ever. Hopefully when we move again we will increase our living space (so far this has been the case).

Now for the rest of our stuff... anybody have a dining room table? How about a nice bed frame?


Uncle KT said...

Love the dresser and the TV stand looks awesome!! Great job. I was a little worried after seeing the "in progress" photos!

Anonymous said...

we are going through the exact same thing at the moment too! we just replaced our hideous old couch with a lovely new one (i swear even our dog likes it better) and we'll get a new coffee table next month. our place, like yours, is starting to look...dare i say...classy?!
high five!