Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am attempting something new this year - I am going to up the intensity of my gardening attempts to the level of seeds and bulbs. A few weeks ago I went on a shopping spree with a friend of mine and bought (way too many) packages of seeds and bulbs. I have been spending every dry sunny moments since outside trying to plant everything.

The first set of bulbs went in about three weeks ago. Every day I go out and squint at the soil where they were planted. Still today there was nothing. It would be very encouraging to see something, especially since I still have one more package of bulbs to plant. My attitude at the beginning was 'try it and see' but now that I've gotten my fingernails dirty and put in lots of sweat and grit I'd really like to see something come of it.

What's kind of fun is that the garden already has quite a bit of stuff in it from previous tenants. I'm randomly planting in and around all the stuff I think is already there (that stuff is coming up!). At least if my bulbs and seeds don't do anything I'll have some other flowers to look at (I'm keeping it all weeded this year too!).


Peggy said...

The seeds and bulbs look great! Soak the anemone corms for a day or so before you sown them. It'll help enormously!

Eric said...

is that spinach?... how about beets...I bet you can grow some amazing Lettuce in Seattle. but that could be a feb thing. Kale... Greens are amazing, steamed with some vinegar.