Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flowers Blooming in Seattle!!

I can't get over how early spring starts here. It is the third week in February and already there is not one thing blooming but lots of things blooming all over. And I mean all over the neighborhood, not all over the temperature-controlled observatory down at the park (which is where I would be going right now if I were still in Minnesota where they still have eight feet of snow on the ground).

I weeded some of the front garden today. It was much easier this year - I still don't know what's going to be what, but I can sort of tell weeds from flowers (I think).

Can you name any of the flowers I saw today? (I can only name three of them)


MJ said...

I'm so jealous! I'm trying to force some narcissus bulbs indoors but they're even taking their time! I can't wait for stuff to start blooming in MN!!

Peggy said...

The first photo has daffodils. My daffs are just sending up the flower spikes and won't bloom for another month or so.

Dont know the second one - small bulbs like a snow drop - I have some in the garden and I've forgotten the name.

Third photo is a snowdrop - ours are out right now.

Fourth photo - Bergenia - commonly called elephant's ears (hardy perennial)

Fifth photo - Is that a flowering tree? It sort of looks like a potentilla - but I'm not sure.

Sixth photo - Crocus - coming out just now.

Uncle KT said...

I know the names of about zero flowers--I'm totally impressed by all of you!

Kerry said...


from "Still buried in snow in the midwest..."

Well..snow last night..snow tomorrow, but a bit of unexpected sun today!

Was always glad when my crocus came spring followed right behind

Anonymous said...

Hello from a cousin in Iowa! Just wanted to let you know what i do read your blog and find it very amusing! Beautiful flowers....looking forward to seeing them here in a few months. Have a great day!


J-Funk said...

MJ: Sorry! I am still stunned over it myself.

Peggy: Wow! Nice job. Thank you for telling me what they are!

KT: I'm definitely learning. Daffodils were the only ones I would have known before my recent gardening attempts.

Kerry: I never even knew what crocus were until this year! I guess I never noticed them before. Good luck with all that snow.

Sheila: Welcome! Thanks for commenting, I didn't know you were reading my blog!! So happy to have you stop by. I've been to yours too, and now it'll be easy because I have a link from your comment (and someday I'll get it in my blogroll...)