Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mice Can Sing!

Did you know that mice can sing? That's right, they can. Apparently male mice having a mating song, sort of like birds, that is too high-pitched for us to hear by the naked ear. But when you lower the pitch and slow down the speed, they say it's a very pretty sound (I couldn't find a link to an audio clip that I didn't have to pay for so I'll just have to trust the reviews I found).

You can read a National Geographic article about it here.

This explains a lot. My Studly Hubby plays a lot of air guitar, especially as soon as I enter the room he's in. He also often sings a solo into a fake microphone to me when he sees me first thing in the morning (he's doing this right now actually). He practices his singing in the shower (a lot) and when he really gets serious about practicing he goes to a Blues Jam. I thought all this time that he was just musically gifted (he is quite good, at least with the guitar), but perhaps not...


Lizaveta said...

hilarious! I can just picture the Studly Hubby singin' to ya :)

Peggy said...

I knew mice could sing. I think there was some recording of it on a televised show not too long ago.

Your SH is just too adorable for words!