Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Ski Adventure

In accordance with our vow last year to Take Advantage of the Awesome Northwest Ski Scene, we went skiing again yesterday at Steven's Pass Ski Resort (about 90 minutes away in the Cascade Mountain Range).

It was hard-packed, icy and cold. At first I was terrified to ski in these conditions but after a few runs I started to really have fun going fast. Eventually the ski patrol came out to warn everyone to slow down - and we were truly disappointed. A bigger disappointment was that the conditions prevented us from moving up to the next level (the dreaded 'Hogsback' green run, which is twice as long and twice as steep as the 'Daisy' green run we have mastered). And the Daisy run did get boring after a while - but I'm glad we didn't try Hogsback - by the time we were comfortable with the fast conditions we were really worn out and having trouble steering. We saw all kinds of crazy accidents and even a poor guy got taken down off the mountain on a toboggan.

We're coming into the end of ski season and a huge amount of snow has accumulated on the mountain now. It was amazing just to see it.

The Steven's Pass parking lot, carved into 15 feet of snow (this is how much has accumulated, not just how much got piled up from the parking lot - we saw a house that was almost completely covered and some treetops and streetsigns that were barely poking out of the top of it as we were driving there).

Me, on top of the Daisy run (just after we got off the chair lift right behind me). Note that although I look like I'm on top of a mountain, this is only the 'short' run that is supposed to be for beginners.

It was a fun afternoon but we woke up this morning feeling pretty destroyed. Good thing we had nothing planned for today!!

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