Monday, January 28, 2008

Back on the Wagon

I'm very slowly getting back on the wagon. I fell off the day after Christmas, when I came down with the flu (followed by a kidney infection followed by a cold followed by a long long recovery). Even when I'm sick, if I don't get out on the weekend and go do something I go completely crazy. We've been doing really easy stuff but this weekend we finally ramped it up a little - a short run on Saturday followed by some errands and then some yoga-at-home on Sunday, lunch with friends and a walk around Discovery Park. I was really exhausted last night and super sore today but I am also excited because it appears that I'm getting back on the wagon.

Snow season is here and everyone in Seattle is jetting off for the hills every weekend to snowboard, ski, snowshoe, or whatever their snow dream is. The snow here is unbelievable, and I vowed we would get out and do some stuff this year but we haven't so far. So that is my goal for the next four weeks: get better and back in shape and get out to where the snow is.


Eric said...

snowshoe... it's like running only different... You can probably rent them... not sure about boots..

good to see your back on the wagon.

take it easy, don't over do it.

Eric said...

I forgot something..

GO!!!! Dr. P!!!!!!


uncle bruce said...

Among my generation, being "on the wagon" means that you've stopped drinking. What exactly did you mean?

J-Funk said...

Bruce - yes, I'm aware of that, I was doing a little play on words. I didn't mean drinking at all, I just meant that I had been out of it because I was ill and now I'm back in the game again.