Thursday, January 10, 2008

The electrical mystery

This morning we woke up to a strange predicament: half the apartment's electricity was out. Because we are wise and all-knowing, we went immediately to the fuse-box next to the laundry room and sure enough, a fuse had tripped. We flipped it back and the electricity went back on, but within moments it tripped again. We unplugged all our appliances, flipped it back, and yet again it tripped immediately afterwards. We repeated this three or four more times and on the final round, just before we had to head out to work, it stuck and the electricity stayed on. It was still on when we got home.


Remind me never to buy an old house. We have had so many weird problems in this apartment that I can't even keep track of it anymore.


Peggy said...

Maybe the electrical fault wasn't in your apartment.

I love older houses. They have much more character. Newer houses have cheaper construction values. Though they don't have quirky faults when you first buy them they do start to fall apart quickly and at a greater rate of acceleration.

Eric said...

sounds like moisure