Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow Day!

We woke up to a fresh coating of snow on the ground here in Seattle which is very unusual and exciting. Unfortunately that means the city shut down and so my Studly Hubby's carpool was canceled and he had to navigate his way to work on his own (he took the bus, which is heavy and has big tires and so deals well with 1/4 of an inch of snow, unlike the rest of traffic here).

I have been fighting off illness ever since Christmas and decided to stay home all day today to recover. Last night in the sleet and snow I ventured up to the doctor's to get a test for strep throat (test was negative) and the effort of it completely wiped me out. We bought chicken noodle soup and Cold Care tea on the way home and I snuggled under a down blanket with the tea and the soup last night and finally started feeling better. Chicken noodle soup really does help! I decided to continue those efforts today, and stay home under a blanket. Except I'm giving a major talk to my entire department on Thursday so will be working on my talk which normally would be easy (it's almost done) but today will probably take all the energy I have. I've been going through a major process with my talks lately - my current boss wants me to take it up a notch in quality but I don't respond well to those kinds of demands so have actually taken it down a notch instead. Maybe being sick will be a Godsend because I won't have the energy to get as nervous and worked up about it as I have been.

Everyone I know is sick or has been sick this holiday season. Wash your hands! cover your mouth! sterilize the doorknobs and phones! don't lick anything you don't have to! and good luck to you all in staying healthy.

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