Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holiday pics

One of our presents this year was a super-sweet digital camera, so now I have NO excuse when it comes to posting pictures on the blog. We even got a memory card reader a few months ago so it's super easy too. The digital camera is totally neato, it fits fancy lenses and does fancy things and takes really nice pictures.
Other highlights of the way-too-short trip are:

Hanging with four of my five brothers in Illinois - it was great to see them open our presents, make cookies with them and even sleep in the same room as two of them (my poor dad and step-mom had a roof malfunction right before our arrival so we all had to squeeze in together... so the light-snorers took the room with the bunk beds and the heavy-snorer got a room to himself, my poor Studly Hubby, the only one that doesn't snore, had to put up with all of us).

Our nephew examined and approved the gift we gave his mom - the Avenging Unicorn complete set.

A sad-looking me at my mom's when I was feeling well enough to sit up.

My mom's 1 yr old dog Numi, he's a spunky Tibetan Terrier. For his birthday she took him into her work with some treats for everyone. He got two presents for Christmas and showed them both to everyone who visited.

My Studly Hubby's Studly Sister and her Hubby bought the Peanuts Gang off of Ebay and put them in their front yard for Christmas. Cute!


Kathy said...

New camera - SWEET!

Oh you poor dear, love the picture of you when you were sad, but sitting up.

You have great looking brothers!

Peggy said...

Nice new camera! I love the pictures, even the one of you when you're partially recovered at your mom's.

You need to teach the SH how to snore so he's not left out like that!

uncle bruce said...

That "avenging unicorn" looks pretty gruesome for a little kid.

Yes, you definitely have great looking brothers!

Uncle KT said...

Didn't your laptop come with a card reader built into it? I didn't realize that mine did for a while--but it's there.