Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sustainable kitchen

We are making efforts to be green.

Sometimes it's difficult, but sometimes it's not so bad.

One easy suggestion I got from my Aunt L in Iowa was to use re-usable towels instead of paper towels for cleaning up messes around the house. Less than a week later I came across a stack of pretty white towels at Kohls on sale and bought them and stacked them up in the kitchen. Now I just need to remember to use them.

Another thing we've been working on is re-using all our grocery bags. My Studly Hubby has simply been recycling the bags we get at the store but we're looking to buy some hardier canvas bags for this purpose. We also bought some neat little mesh vegetable bags last time we were at the co-op.You can kind of see the carrots in it. My Studly Hubby has been on a carrot kick for maybe a year now. He buys the big organic carrots that are kind of stubby and dirty and then shaves off the outside and takes them for lunch every day. He said he gets made fun of for eating giant carrots but it's worth it. I've taken these kinds of carrots to work before too and they are quite good, much better than the little carrot bits most people take.


Peggy said...

No more paper towels in the kitchen! Good call!

We never had paper towels in the kitchen when I was a kid. Mom said they were a waste of money and I should use a wash cloth to clean things up.

Uncle KT said...

You can get GREAT canvas bags at Lands End. Direct from the catalog or store they are a bit pricey--but if you have access to a Lands End outlet store or one of their "Not quite perfect" stores you can get them really cheap ($10 for a $30 bag). We have 2 of the large ones and estimate that we can fit 4-5 paper bags worth of groceries in each one. With the shoulder strap it isn't that hard to haul that much back into the apartment either.

We LOVE ours!

mwz said...

We use the plastic grocery bags to wrap dirty diapers. It has saved us a fair amount of money since we stopped buying Diaper Genie refills.

Eric said...

Thanks for recomending Juno.

it was good...