Friday, January 04, 2008

The best Christmas presents ever

The best Christmas presents we gave this year did not come from huge piles of money (well, a few did). Most of the really good ones were a few things we picked up at a shop called Archie McPhee's:

A gummy banana slug and various other gummy goodies including gummy steak and gummy tapeworm were a big hit among my brothers. I still haven't gotten any reports on whether they actually tasted good though.

A toy gorilla (similar to the one shown) was a big hit for my youngest brother. He liked it much better than the book "Who pooped in the park?", our other present to him.

A brain jello mold. If you use their recipe (on the back), the brains will come out all gray and slimy and perfect.


Tony & Lisa said...

I have a brain mold too! A tip to pass along to the new owner: The end result looks more realistic if you add Cool Whip to the jello. Happy brain-eating! (I also have the heart mold - very cool!)
Aunt Lisa

Peggy said...

Very very very cool presents!

susan said...

LOL What fun!

I love that place, they always have the most funnest stuff.