Friday, February 01, 2008


My Studly Hubby has always had a weird liquor palate. He doesn't like beer and instead prefers manly hard liquors like whisky and tequila. His favorite drink is the Manhattan. So when he found out that all his coworkers are Scotch drinkers he joined right up and bought some fancy Scotch. Last week he bought Dalwhinnie (15-yr) Scotch and brought it home, and I even enjoyed it a little (but only when it's cut down to half by water). Yesterday he had the best Scotch he's ever tasted and today he ran right out and bought it; Laphroaig (quarter cask). We're going to try it tonight. Apparently Laphroaig tastes like rope, iodine, oak and fire according to a special Scotch reference book that his co-worker has on him at all times. I'm not sure how that could possibly be good but I'm going to remain open-minded.

I hear that Scotch is a classy drink. Like wine, there is a whole set of tasting rules and phrases that the true Scotch enthusiasts use when tasting it. You drink a 'dram' and 'let it breathe' and check if it's 'oily' and all kinds of crazy stuff. My Studly Hubby even claims he's partial to a certain kind of Scotch from a certain region of Scotland (is Scotland even that big?). So even though I'm not a big fan of Scotch, I'm picking up some of the culture through involuntary osmosis.

If this Scotch we're trying tonight is anything like it's supposed to be, I may need to wash it down (immediately) with a beer. And no Uncle Bruce, we're not alcoholics - we're just classy Scotch drinkers!!


Peggy said...

Yum yum. I like scotch too! The way you have it, with water is the tradish way to sip around here. It is how I have my scotch too. Scotch and water, no ice. You'd get laughed out of the pub if you asked for ice in your scotch around here.

I must say that I'm not a fan of peaty (smoky) scotch such as your nice Laphroig there. I prefer Speyside malts like Glenmorangie (my fave).

Now that I know that SH is a fan of scotch, there is NO REASON for you two to not visit.

J-Funk said...

Peggy -

Was that an official invitation!! We are so excited. We had knocked around the idea of visiting Europe and stopping by to see you but now I think we're going to have to really get something set up. What an adventure! Thank you for the invitation!

Peggy said...

Yes - I have always been serious about the invitation. As you know, we've got lots of room!

Uncle KT said...

Scotch seems exciting--Kevin has started to drink it too. It's too much for me...

Eric said...

That laphroaig is good stuff.

A friend characterized the taste, as "it's like licking a mossy rock".... Which is funny, and he is an ass... but it's a little true.