Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Macbook Air

My Studly Hubby is super linked in to technology these days. He reads Mac rumor websites and video game blogs and can do any crazy thing with a website that you can think of.

So as you can imagine, when his computer terminally malfunctioned just before Christmas, he was devastated.

But instead of rushing out to buy an immediate replacement, he laid low until after Christmas.

Because as any tech-savvy individual knows, Mac World is in mid-January and that's when all the new Mac products are announced.

So today he and his co-workers waited with bated breath for Steve Jobs' big speech (9 am Pacific) where he announced their Big New Thing...

and it turned out it was the MacBook Air: a super-light, super-thin new Mac laptop

But that wasn't enough! My Studly Hubby wants something more! The MacBook Air is cool, but not fast enough or strong enough or manly enough for his needs. So he continues to lie low and figure out his next move... buy the MacBook Pro, which has been virtually unchanged in a year, or go back to his long-time pal the PC??

I don't know about him, but I sure like this new MacBook Air...


Newt said...

Ooooohhh, I like the idea of lighter than air. Me, I'm just grateful for the invention of the laptop. I love how fast it makes a flight - work or movie. I'm totally distracted and we are landing before I know it.

uncle bruce said...

So he used to use PC's? When did he switch? When he started working for Microsoft?

J-Funk said...

Newt - totally agreed. My laptop is like my third arm, it goes wherever I go.

Bruce - you pose an excellent question. The SH started thinking about getting a Mac about the same time he started working at Microsoft. Microsoft makes software, not computers, and now you can run their software (Windows) on a Mac so a surprising number of Microsoft fans are switching over. It was very smart of Mac to allow that versatility.