Monday, September 03, 2007

The Slug in the Rainforest

Yet again I am falling behind on my posts. Almost two weeks ago my mom and Grandma flew out from Iowa to visit us in Seattle (second time for Mom, first time for Grandma). In five short days we did a lot of stuff: we went out to Snoqualmie falls and wandered around the country a bit, we took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island and toured through Bloedel Reserve, an estate donated to the cause of creating a 'sanctuary for wild-life and the human spirit.' We drove around Seattle, saw Lake Washington and Fisherman's Wharf, went to a wine tasting in wine country and then drunkenly spent a bunch of money at Molbak's garden store and further improved our backyard, then we did a looooong day trip out to the Olympic Peninsula and saw many of the sights there: the Rainforest, Lake Crescent, Hurricane Ridge, and Port Angeles. And of course, we went to Pike's Market and walked around downtown a little bit.

And what was my favorite part? The rainforest! The moss and huge trees and big roots and all were just surreal. And there was a slug there the side of a cigar! It made my mom jump and scream like a girl.

The French-inspired Bloedel Reserve original homestead, built in the 1900s

The trumpet swans at the Bloedel reserve

Three beautiful ladies in Seattle - with a beautiful river in Olympic Peninsula in the background.

Crazy trees in the rainforest - there is so much grown on the ground that new trees grow on top of old trees and their roots spread all over

The slug in the rainforest - almost actual size

Update: my mom has informed me that the slug was actually at Bloedel reserve, but they had a 'moss garden' that was a lot like the rainforest so I decided not to change my post title.


Peggy said...

Ah, the famous Northwest's banana slugs! We get big slugs here, but the banana slug is particularly icky.

Lovely photos J-Funk!

Kathy said...

I looked at your Grandma's pictures with her and your mom at the hospital last week. They sure did have a great time visiting you :)

The rain forest looks beautiful, not so sure about the slug.

Katy said...

I picked up a big slug when I was in Rhode Island a few weeks ago visiting Susanna. It slimed my hand and I couldn't get the slime off. Very gross...