Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More about my garden

While my mom and grandma were here visiting, my mom spent just about every spare second hovering around my yard making big plans and doing more weeding. So when we had some wine and then cruised over to the garden store she was all ready to fill up a big cart with pretty things that we could use to further beautify the garden.

As I have already shown, this is before (waaay before, when I hadn't done anything yet):

And now...
I potted impatiens in one pot (on the left) and something else pretty in another (on the right) and pansies in yet another (far right) and put them along the fence, and we weeded back all the vines and things some more and planted several kinds of Coleus in the ground. It looks so pretty!! The pots and pot stands were all discovered laying around the yard and in the garage, and most of the dirt in the yard was taken from an old compost pile we pulled up (Seattle picks up compost now and you can buy the composted material for really cheap).

And my snap peas are popping up and looking happy...
They are acting like they want to climb on something but I didn't give them anything to climb on (they are "bush" peas and supposedly don't need anything). So they are starting to climb on each other. When I noticed I called my mom in a panic to ask if I should move them apart or put in poles for them to climb up and she laughed at me and said no, they should be ok as they are. So I am trying to let my snap peas grow on their own and not fester over them so they can learn independence and grow up to be productive members of my garden in their own due time. Supposedly we have a long growing season here so I will be patient and see how it all turns out. My neighbors tomatos aren't even turning red yet which would put me in a panic in the midwest but I think it'll all be ok since the climate is so mild here.

So that is my garden. Looking good eh?

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