Friday, August 31, 2007

The Presidential Suite

The last week was a storm of conference activity and meetings with collaborators, so I had to go off-line yet again. The American Society for Microbiology Pseudomonas meeting was taking place here in Seattle and several different sets of collaborators were in town for it. My boss' wife was running the show so she got to stay in the Presidential Suite at the hotel, which is the coolest hotel room I've ever seen. It's 2/3 of the 47th floor (almost as tall as the space needle) with views of downtown, Mount Rainier, and the Puget Sound. It is comprised of a bedroom and living room, and a separate big conference room (shown in the picture above) with room for 90 people, a bar, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. I wish I could take you all up there and show you but the conference is over now and they've gone home. The best I can do is link you to a virtual tour. If you browse the hotel website, you will notice that they squeeze the space needle into just about every picture - this space needle is our defining city symbol, even though it is a building with virtually no function except to make money off tourists and stand out as a unique building structure in our city-scape. By the way, it is kind of fun to go up in it and check out the scene.

Well now the conference is over and it's back to work and a long holiday weekend to recover. I'm actually excited to get back to work - these conferences are always rejuvinating and inspiring (but also totally exhausting).


Peggy said...

Nice hotel rooms like that make me feel a slightly envious. I can't afford those places in real life. It looks beautiful!

Uncle KT said...

That place looks neat!!

tom said...

Maybe the "Space Needle" has a function that you don't know about, like sewing the "Space Quilt" or taking out "Space Splinters"