Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Living Room/Bedroom

Our living room is also now our bedroom.

We had to pull everything out of the bedroom so they could rip up the carpet, replace the pad underneath and steam clean it to get rid of all the mold. They ripped up half the pad last week and we haven't seen them since. Hopefully they will finish early next week. Meanwhile, the rest of our apt is looking pretty crowded.

The good thing is that we actually had enough room to do this. This is the first apt we lived in where it was possible. In the past we would have had to go to extremes to find space (including using our cars for storage) and it would have been even worse if you can imagine. Here we have a whole second bedroom to move into, which leaves the rest of the place (mostly) usable, although a little crowded.

Nevertheless, it'll be nice to have the place back to normal next week.

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Lizaveta said...

I understand what you're going through! We are also living in our living we had to sheetrock the ceiling in our bedroom in order to paint it.....amazing how one simple little project can turn into a major home improvement project...sheesh. And yes...I can't wait to get back to my own bedroom -- and my own bed!!