Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big stinkin' piles of dog doo-doo

Our neighbor's dog has been leaving big stinking piles of dog doo-doo around our backyard, and last week both me and my Studly Hubby each stepped in a pile. I grew up on the farm with dogs and a big yard and this has happened to me many times before (even with bare feet a time or two) so I've been pretty forgiving. My Studly Hubby is not so nice about it. One time he stepped in a big stinkin' pile of dog doo-doo in the park and was wearing sandles; the pile squished up over the sides of his sandles to the leather part and it was almost impossible to get cleaned up. And it stunk like you can't imagine (we couldn't even leave the shoes in our front hallway it was that bad). I've never had that happen to me. So on Thursday night when he was trying to grill and it was getting dark and we were both hungry and he stepped in some dog doo-doo that had been left in a pile by our grill, he got pretty mad. He wanted to go yell at the neighbors to tell them to clean it all up - all the of doo-doo piles AND his shoes, which he had every right to ask of them, but he was so mad all he could muster was incoherent growling sentences so he wiped his shoes off on their stairs instead. At first I was upset he did that but now I think it was a pretty good idea. Hopefully we'll see the neighbors this weekend so we can talk to them in a more civil way about getting the dog piles cleaned up faster so we don't step in them when we're out trying to grill at night.

Here in Seattle where everyone has dogs and we all live on top of each other in a very tight space it is important to get your dog's doo-doo cleaned up, and in a timely manner. Especially when you have a shared backyard like we do.


Uncle KT said...

In the event that the neighbors refuse to clean up the dog poo--you could always put it all in a paper bag and light it on fire on their step. They did that in the movie Billy Madison and it just seems like a good idea--or not--but it would make for a great blog post.

Peggy said...

Make the neighbour a gift of dog poo bags with the note to ask that they be used a bit more often. At least this dog doesn't bark all the time.

If this is a shared yard, you are well well within your rights to ask that the owner clean up after the dog. I'm sorry that you guys keep stepping in the stuff.