Monday, September 17, 2007

Rainy Seattle

The rain has started here again. I really like it actually, at least for right now. It's very peaceful and makes for a lovely weekend when you just hang around inside reading or blogging. My Studly Hubby and I both have proper raincoats (Helly Hanson) and he even bought some rain pants for biking - what a difference some good rain gear makes! Last winter the rain didn't even slow us down at all - we went out running in it, we commuted to work in it, and it was never too big of a bother.

The dark, now that's a problem. It was a problem when we were in Minnesota and it's even worse here. In December it gets dark around 4:15 pm (and doesn't get light until almost 8 am). You really have to psyche yourself up for that. December is just around the corner so I'm working on getting psyched...

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