Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

In the early days of graduate school, a crew of people would always go out on Thursdays for what they called 'Thirsty Thursday'. They would pick a bar in Minneapolis, send out an email with some sketchy directions, then head out there around 9 pm or so. I joined in a few times and thought it was a lot of fun - a good crowd, an excuse to get out and explore a new part of the city, and a good time of the week to drink. Unfortunately as I've gotten older I've become less and less able to do stuff like that. Now I can't even imagine going out to a bar on a Thursday night. What has happened to me? Although don't get me wrong, I still go out every once in a while. I just do much better on Saturday nights, at a quiet bar, and prefer to go home before 9 pm instead of heading out at 9 pm.

The bar thing has always been a pretty infrequent interest for me. Most of the time (even in college) I preferred staying in over going out. I think I get over stimulated and wear myself out. I almost have too much fun. So I spread out the fun and give myself lots of recovery time in between outings, and that seems to work out ok.

So here I am on another Thursday, staying in as usual. Usually I at least watch Thursday Night TV (it's back baby! and it's better than ever!) but this week I'm taping it to watch later and instead getting laundry and dishes done in preparation for our weekend trip to Vancouver for the half-marathon. Thursday night in its most extremely boring form. At least I can shake things up with a little blogging.

And tomorrow, it's FRIDAY!! Happy Friday everyone!

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The Mop said...

I'm dying to know how the Half marathon went. But my guess is that you and the hubby are having a well deserved rest, and may not get to an update till tomorrow.....