Monday, May 14, 2007

Li'l Tidbits

My Studly Hubby and I went out to buy some pretty new pillows to go with our new furniture. We rushed home and put it all together and were so excited we took a picture. Isn't it pretty?

The pillows definitely tie the whole room together. Once we got it all set up we realized we had a beautiful afghan that was like frosting on the cake. I was so pleased I clapped my hands! (Sorry Peggy but we never found any celedon green and brown pillows - if you ever find those again tell me exactly where they are and I'll fly right out and buy them).

Our neighbors like to surf, and hung their wetsuits off their deck to dry, so now every time we look out our kitchen window we see this:
It's a little scary.

And my Studly Hubby and I are finally getting (semi) serious about getting a dog. We got an encyclopedia of dog breeds from the library and have been studying it closely. So far my favorite breed is the Poodle and my Studly Hubby's favorite breed is the Puli:

The SH wants to name it "tongue." I'm not sure what we're going to end up getting but I'm pretty sure it'll be scarier than those wetsuits.


Peggy said...

J-funk - What you've done with your new sofa is pretty! I never saw those cusions again. I think I would have sent them to you as they were just too perfect. If you and SH get a dog, would he be allowed up there?

susan said... live in Seattle are supposed to get a lab, didn't you read the rule book??? LOL

The sofa looks great, it's amazing what a couple cushions can do to change the whole look.

Katy said...

nice furniture...

those wetsuits DEFINITELY look creepy

you guys are SO going to have kids soon...first the dog then the kiddies...HA HA

Timgal said...

Pulis are a LOT of work to take care of! You have to clean each and every one of those cords individually, and that can take hours. I don't know how show breeders find the time to clean them.

Just a precaution.