Thursday, May 10, 2007

Speedy Recovery

Thanks to all that walking we did after the half-marathon Sunday (no cabs), I've had a very speedy recovery. In fact, I'm tempted to arrange for myself to have to walk a mile or so after every long run. The problem is, I recovered so fast that my Studly Hubby, who was still totally pumped about the half-marathon, convinced me to go out on our regular route on Tuesday and even charge up the hill in the middle. Tuesday night I was exhausted, and I was still exhausted on Wednesday. It may have been too much. Tonight he wants to go out for five miles. I may let him go without me. We have another race in two weeks, the Beat the Bridge race. They raise a bridge at mile 2 if you don't get there within 20 minutes (so you have to run 10 min/mile for the first ten minutes). I guess if you don't make it they have a little party with a DJ and some dancing, then put the bridge back down after a bit. It's five miles total. I think I could do 10 min/mile for two miles if I really put out some effort but it's a very popular race (8,000 people did it last year) so getting past all those people may be a bit of a challenge. Therefore the Studly Hubby and I will be training over the next week and a half by doing tempo runs and going to crowded concerts where we can practice pushing our way through large crowds. I still have a lot of room for improvement on both those things.

Thanks for all the praise from all my blog readers on my last post - I really appreciated that! You made me very proud of what I did and it was nice to hear from all of you.


Eric said...

after a big workout, it's important to get some calories back into your system, Hopefully within 30 minutes of stoping. because your bodies ability to turn carbohydrates into blood sugar slows down exponentialy. This will speed your ability to Rally the next day.

J-Funk said...

hey eric! thanks for the advice. We did eat right away after the half-marathon (thanks to all the free food at the finish line...) - maybe that contributed to our fast recovery as well. So I'll have to plan for both a walk and some food at the end.

Eric said...

:) Traditional "recovery" as it's referred to, is Juice. There are also specialized beverage mixes you can buy... but I'm fond of fruit and/or coffee smoothies.

If you start getting serious ( >3x per week) there is a point where normal meals won't provide for your nutritional needs.

think about doing some research for your specific needs.... But:

A good multivitamin.

light cramping, increase potassium(bananas)

Stress- Multi B vitamins

Protein to build and repair muscle.