Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chocolate Lovers Beware

We have discovered the Best Chocolate in the World, and it happens to be made right here in Seattle (within walking distance of our apartment!). We have been on a chocolate kick lately trying out various local chocolates (of which there seem to be many), and stumbled upon this one, Theo chocolate, and let me tell you, it is sublime.

It turns out there is a local chocolate factory that produces all this fine chocolate, and they have tours! (Are you imagining a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory type scenario?? I am). Plus they have a shop with a large variety of chocolates available for anyone's buying pleasure. I'm almost afraid to go there.

Not only do we think this is good stuff, but the Food Network does too: it was a 2007 award recipient for best chocolate in the US (along with two others - Garrison Confections and Jin Patisserie).

So don't even try to argue, just go get some. Although if you're not cool enough to live in the Pacific Northwest like us you may have to order it off their website, or better yet, come visit and take a tour with us.

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