Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adventures in Olympia

This last weekend we went down to visit our friend from WAAAAAY back, KA, who has been travelling the world and finally settled in Olympia WA (only for a few months though). We took advantage of him living nearby and went for a visit. Actually the real reason why we visited was because he lives on a sailboat. Yes, you read that right - out here on the West Coast where there's water, people own boats. And when a lot of people own boats sometimes they buy nice boats that you can live on. Actually KA said it's more like a "trailer park on water" (it's relatively cheap to live on a sailboat, if you're willing to put up with it). Boy, it's cramped quarters too! Actually the thing that bugged me the most was the lack of internet. Gads! How can anyone put up with that?

KA is now a super-cool journalist who was in Olympia writing on politics for the paper. So his "beat" was the capital, and we got the royal tour while we were there. Actually we happened in on a real tour that we hitched along with for a while, and KA provided additional commentary from the back row, like "I betcha $100 she says "WARSHington... see! she said it! you owe me $100!!!"

The capital building is very pretty, especially on the inside where there's marble, fancy carpeting, and even a spittoon. In the foyer was a giant statue of Warshington's head and I felt compelled to kiss his cheek on my way by.

We didn't just go to the capital, oh no. We also saw Evergreen State College (a city of concrete, quite the opposite of what I was expecting), had some pizza, and learned some things about politics. It was a very fun afternoon!


Peggy said...

I say warsh instead of wash when I'm not paying attention! Do you?

J-Funk said...

No, but my mom does. I thought it was midwest-regional but it turns out it's all over!! What if "warsh" is really the RIGHT way to say it and all us edumacated folks have had it wrong this whole time?

Tink said...

I've known people who lived on a boats. One thing I noticed, they walked funny. Like they were just getting their land-legs back or something. ;)

Tink said...

Ugh. What is up with my sentence structure??

I swear, "I talk pretty one day."

uncle bruce said...

You are so sweet to kiss his cheek. I would have probably just rubbed his nose like everybody else seems to have done.