Friday, May 25, 2007

Sick as DAWGS!!

Less than 24 hrs before my Studly Hubby's first day of work, we both came down with colds. Fortunately this time around it didn't knock us around as bad (this is the third cold I've had since I moved here!), and my Studly Hubby claims to already be recovered. Not me. I feel worse today than I did on Tuesday.

Despite the cold, my Studly Hubby is having a good time at his new job. He was put right in the thick of crunch-time but it's on a really cool project (fixing up the international webiste for a global-warming concert event hosted at He has good interactions with his co-workers, a decent office to work in, and lots to do.

The only hairy part about it is the @!%# commute. Taking the bus works out ok in the morning (it's only an hour commute in the morning) but at night the buses get all off schedule, so he misses the one that takes the route back to our apartment and instead has to transfer twice and wait around for each one. Fortunately the weather is pretty nice so other than getting home two hours after leaving work (which is only 10 miles away) it's not bad. But hopefully he can figure out alternative bus routes or walk (or bike) part of the way so he doesn't have to get home so late at night. Plus this morning he left an hour earlier so he can get home earlier in general. Here in Seattle it seems everyone starts work around 10 am but that means you don't get home until around 7 or 8 pm, which is unacceptable to our midwest senses.

So tonight we're going to recover from our long week by watching Campbell's soup commercials (a suggestion from our friend KA) and get ready for our big Memorial Day Weekend adventures - the Studly Hubby's aunt and uncle are coming for a visit Saturday! Get ready for more exciting stories and pictures.


Peggy said...

I hope you're better soon! Lots of orange juice and DRUGS! Go to the local pharmacy and stock up. Better living through chemistry!!!

The SH's new job sounds excellent!

Peggy said...

J - You feeling better yet?

J-Funk said...

Peggy - thanks for the concern. I'm still a little sick but way better than Friday. We had a great weekend but I think it may have slowed down my recovery. It was worth it!