Sunday, May 13, 2007

J & D go to the DENTIST!!

After some hedging and reluctance, my Studly Hubby and I finally convinced each other to find a new dentist here in Seattle and actually GO THERE for our dental cleaning. All Seattle dentists must have united together to form a Front of New Customer Deterrence, because they all require TWO initial appointments - one to meet the dentist and have your paperwork filled out (1 hr) and a second to actually get a cleaning (another hr). The appointments cannot be scheduled together. Each must be made at least a month ahead of time. And you have to do it between 9 am and 5 pm (sorry if you are crazy enough to work during those hours).

So I took some time off work, and weaseled my Studly Hubby and I into a cancelled time slot during the day last week. We went in, met our dentist (who was incredibly bland, although friendly enough) and the staff (who were all so friendly they must have been on speed), but the magic happened on our way out the door - they called our former dentists for records, called the insurance company for info and they wrote it all out and explained it to us, and made a super-huge effort to get us both in together the next time. I have never been treated so well by a doctor. The cleaning went very well too, and we were even convinced to floss (what? you can tell we haven't flossed? dang). So if you're ever looking for a good dentist in Seattle, try Roosevelt Dental - they are great!


uncle bruce said...

Yes, ya need to floss, ESPECIALLY if you have good teeth. I'll tell ya all about it after my ROOT CANAL Tuesday.

J-Funk said...

Bruce - oh NO that sounds painful!! I'll get flossing.

uncle bruce said...

Not much to report. A root canal takes a long time but, as long as the dentist numbs your tooth, or is it your whole head, it's no more painful than a filling. Here is a good website to learn about this totally fascinating procedure: Anyway, what does this have to do with flossing. You can brush all day and still not get the food out from between your teeth. This is even more true if you have good teeth that grow straight and tall and squeeze up close to each other. So flossing is necessary, but fortunately, it's fun, even more fun than mating your socks or reading websites about root canals.