Monday, May 14, 2007

Speeding up

In preparation for next weekend's Beat the Bridge race, we tried to speed up on Sunday. Since my Studly Hubby is a boy, he is much faster than I am, so we decided to split up and meet each other at the end. He took the watch and ran 7-8 min/miles for three miles (yay SH, I'm so proud of you!), but when I got to the end point he was nowhere in sight and since he had the watch I have no idea how fast I ran. It turns out he had come back to find me, but we figured out later that right when we passed each other there was a loud and distracting altercation between some dogs (instigated by a ferocious 12 lb terrier) so we passed each other without either of us seeing the other. We tried to figure out my time based on how long I waited around and we think I was running just under 10 min/miles. So I'm still pretty slow (dang). Maybe by next year I will have sped up some. We are considering repeating the deal on Tuesday except each of us taking a watch so I can actually keep track of my time. That might help me figure out a good pace too - I kept running too fast and wearing myself out, which seems would make me slower overall.

It was a good weekend - we hung out Sat with our neighbors and went to Olympia WA (the capital) Sun (more on that later), plus we baby-sat for pig-dog again, who it turns out has redefined the concept of "morning" - it seems 3:15 am is the new 6 am and there's no arguing with him about it. Fortunately he was cuter than ever so we didn't shoot him for it (we almost did though).

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